August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

The Authenticity Summit: Happy Accidents

August Turak walks us through how others may lead us to the path that can change our lives and others, how life lessons and transformations can be unexpected, how we become our behavior and how life gives us "Happy Accidents" on The Authenticity Summit video series hosted by Kim McGuire.

The Authenticity Summit Day 21 - August Turak on Happy Accidents

My friend Kim McGuire is on a mission to help you reconnect with yourself and live authentically—exactly as you are meant to. She’s hosting a complimentary online interview series, The Authenticity Summit: How to be Successful and Happy While Living the Life of Your Dreams.

When you go to the link above and register to listen to this series of powerful conversations, you’ll hear expert advice from more than 20 people, including me, about how to rediscover your authentic self, your passion and your special sparkle!

We’ll also share practical tips and strategies for moving past whatever stops you, so you can begin making tangible change … creating the life you’ve always dreamed of!