August Turak

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August On NPR’s The State Of Things

Frank Stasio interviewed Turak on his award winning radio show The State of Things.

The first segment detailed Turak's decision at 21 to trade in his clunker of middle-class normality for a new identity as a full-time spiritual seeker and part-time carpet installer.

Next we meet Richard Rose, the wild, wonderful, West Virginia hillbilly and Zen Master that inspired this transformation, and Louis Mobley, Turak's mentor and founder of the IBM Executive School.

In Segment 3, Stasio hones in on The Business Secrets of the Trappists, Turak's controversial article on that challenged the most basic assumptions of corporate America. Turak also gave Stasio a peek at his upcoming article called The Transformational Organization that explains how every organization can tap into the source of all human motivation - the urge to transformation - with explosive results.

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