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The BBC and Me on Russia and More

BBC_Episode_7Had a great time last night on the BBC show Business Matters. I was joined by Simon Littlewood, President at ACG Global in Singapore. I am huge fan of the BBC and honored to be an ongoing contributor. You can listen here to the show if by some act of God you missed me last night!!

Overview of this episode:

Moscow says the economy shrank by 3.7% in 2015. Alexei Zakharov, assistant professor at the Higher School of Economics tells us how the government will try to manage the economic decline. Also, we find out why the US Treasury has told the BBC that it considers the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, to be corrupt.

It has been a turbulent year since Syriza won office in Greece. We ask what the radical left wing party has managed to achieve. We discuss maternity pay in India, record-breaking cold weather in Asia as well as finding out what the perfect office looks like.

Joining us today is entrepreneur August Turak from North Carolina and Simon Littlewood, President at ACG Global in Singapore.

(Photo: Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral is seen behind a pile of snow (Credit: Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images)