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The BBC and Me on Volkswagen and More

BBC_Episode_3Had a great time last night on the BBC show Business Matters. I was joined by sustainable clothing designer Tom Cridland, in London. I am huge fan of the BBC and honored to be an ongoing contributor on Business Matters. You can listen here to the show if by some act of God you missed me last night!!

Overview of this episode:

Volkswagen was a brand that seemed to epitomise German efficiency and reliability. Not anymore. The scandal of deliberately falsified emission tests has grown to the point where Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn has had to resign. The company has set aside €6.5bn to deal with the probable costs. So who could be faced with the task of turning the business around? We hear from Christian Stadler, Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick University.

US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has waded into the row over a biotech company that bought the rights to a medication used by AIDS patients, and then increased the price by more than 5,000%. Mrs Clinton has proposed a monthly cap of $250 on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs, with the aim, she said, of stopping ‘price gouging’. Len Nichols is Professor of Health Policy at George Mason University – we ask him whether the cap would work.

Cindy Sui, our reporter in Taiwan brings us the latest stories making the headlines in the region, plus the BBC’s Susannah Streeter takes a trip to a theme park devised by the artist Banksy, which offers no fun at all... ‘Dismaland’.

All this and more with our two guests for the hour - entrepreneur and author August Turak in North Carolina and sustainable clothing designer Tom Cridland, in London.

(Picture: Volkswagen Group headquarters. Credit: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images)