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The BBC and Me on The World Cup and More

BBC_Episode_5Had a great time last night on the BBC show Business Matters. I was joined by Sofia McFarland of the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong. I am huge fan of the BBC and honored to be an ongoing contributor. You can listen here to the show if by some act of God you missed me last night!!

Overview of this episode:

You might have thought FIFA's reputation could not get any worse, but the suspended president of the world governing body of football has now revealed that the votes for the host of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were a sham. The head of the English Football Association, Greg Dyke, says there may now be ground to demand back millions of dollars spent on the failed bid by England in 2010. We hear from the Chief Operating Officer of that bid, Simon Johnson.

Next we turn to what critics call 'frankenstein food'. Genetic Modification (GM) has proved especially controversial in Europe. Only one type of GM crop can be lawfully grown within the EU, though more than 60 have been approved for import. However, more than half of Europe's animal food, has been genetically modified. In the European Parliament in Strasbourg, MEPs rejected a new plan to give individual member states the power to ban GM food or feed already approved by the EU. In the United States GMs are largely unrestricted, but there is a fightback now led by the Non GMO Project. We speak to its executive director Megan Westgate.

On Tuesday, 85-year-old Doris Payne was charged with stealing a pair of Christian Dior earrings from a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Atlanta. She has been stealing jewels her entire life, in the US and Europe, by pretending to be a wealthy shopper. Her story was made into a documentary film in 2013 The Life And Crimes of Doris Payne. We hear from co-producer and director Kirk Marcolina about her extraordinary life.

All this and more discussed with our guests on either side of the Pacific: August Turak, an entrepreneur and author in North Carolina, and Sofia McFarland of the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

(Photo: Outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter. Credit: Fabrice Coffrini/ AFP/ Getty Images)