August Turak

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Enjoying Business Secrets at Mepkin Abbey

In the summer of 2014 the monks of Mepkin Abbey dedicated a new retreat center to my hero and the hero of my book: Fr. Francis Kline. The retreat center is an architectural and engineering marvel with its own common area and chapel. It is worth a trip to Mepkin just to see it.

As a result I was especially moved to get this note a few days later from one of the men who built the retreat center.
"Mr.Turak - Good day, Jamie Kilgallen from Charleston, SC here. Truly enjoying your book, "Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks". I work for Jimmy Hightower, President of Hightower Construction Co, - a 56 year old Charleston General Contractor that aspires to be '"selfless" - Jimmy is for sure - and we recently completed the new Retreat Center & Father Francis Kline Memorial Chapel for Abbott Stan and the Mepkin Community. Currently we are placing concrete for a new roadway there. Therefore, I "totally get" your book. I also enjoy your writing style (and I am an engineer by education and as my wife says, "never finsihes a book"!) and feel the magic of Mepkin. Anyway, just wanted to comment on your book and perhaps one day perhaps we will meet at Mepkin! Best regards, Jamie Kilgallen"