August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

Entrepreneurship, Meaning and Authenticity


Stephen Lahey of Small Business talent has a transformative conversation with August Turak in this podcast. [READ MORE]

In this podcast, August shares his fascinating perspective on a number of topics, including:
  • Your business as a vehicle for personal development
  • The value of following your intuition in business and life
  • What “The Hero’s Journey” means to your business

Stephen Lahey is the host of the SmallBusinessTalent® podcast and the founder of, which provides you with fresh sales and marketing ideas from real-world experts. It’s all about helping you grow your business in a more profitable and fulfilling way. Lahey has been a self-employed consultant for 13 years. He has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to solo professionals. Through hands-on experience he has learned a lot about sales, marketing, and what it takes to build a successful small business. He uses this knowledge to help solo entrepreneurs consistently attract and acquire more of their ideal clients.  Click here to learn more about his services.