August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

EPA on Memorial Day

On Thursday, May 26th 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency held a Memorial Day Celebration and welcomed August Turak as their modern day Renaissance Man and the guest speaker. With 40 years of protecting health and the environment, the United States Environmental Protection Agency knows what it means to recognize the selfless service of others and continues to strive towards what Turak describes as a Transformational Organization. Turak demonstrates through stories and case studies why motivation and passion are in short supply and why these are the two  most important things in life.


Thank you!! –Elaine Manning, EPA

Great speaker. While society may now view it as just another holiday, we can do all in our power to make sure Memorial Day is properly acknowledged. Great Speaker. Thanks for the insight into success. Dennis Norwood, EPA

Right to the Core. –Tom Baker, EPA

Wow! –Guy Hickey, EPA






Loved the Mad Men Clip – it really taught a good lesson & provided a good example. -Emma Finch, University Conference Services

Very inspiring—cause to look inward first. –Silvia Saracco, EPA

Inspiring and correct…and funny, engaging. Semper Fi! EPA! – Andrew Ness


All military families have one thing in common: they constantly face the challenges inherent in the call to serve. Brother John is a story for anyone called to struggle with themselves; it is a story for all of us. It is offered here in tribute to the military and military families – those who are constantly engaged in the personal struggle to defend democracy, freedom, and the United States of America and who hold up a shared umbrella for us all.

Click here to read August Turak’s essay, Brother John, which was awarded the Grand Prize in the John Templeton Foundation’s worldwide Power of Purpose Essay Contest.