August Turak

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Moose_in_WindowWho Is Exploiting Who?

Years ago I read a fascinating biology book about how animals and plants "manipulate" and "exploit" people. From a biological perspective the goal of the game is to pass on genes.

From this perspective while an apple tree's competitors are busy going it alone and perhaps going extinct, the apple tree has shanghaied human beings into doing all the heavy lifting involved in survival and reproduction. While we may THINK we are "exploiting" the apple tree for its apples, in fact that apple tree is "baiting" us with apples just like a flower baits bees with pollen. In this sense we are the "suckers" not the apple tree.

If you buy the biological argument then the same might be said of cattle and other domestic animals. Cattle just offer meat in lieu of pollen. Even the dog has figured out how to get food and reproduction easily by "exploiting" us with his big brown eyes!!