August Turak

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Greenwich Leadership Forum

The Greenwich Leadership Forum ("GLF") is an organization providing a forum for business executives to explore how faith and religious principles can play an important role in their decision-making, while building and leading successful and ethically sound organizations. Based on Christian principles and Biblical teachings, GLF is an organization that welcomes men and women from all faith traditions.

In this Greenwich Leadership Forum event with David Miller, Director of Princeton University’s Faith and Work Initiative, Turak credits the spiritual business model of service and selflessness that he learned while living with Trappist monks for his worldly success, and teaches us how to do the same. Eventually the interview turns personal as Turak relives his own Dark Night of the Soul in a deeply moving way.  Watch Dr. Miller skillfully bring a rapt audience of business executives Turak’s amazing journey from the pinnacle of success to human brokenness and ultimate redemption.


Comments from GLF Attendees...


What a great morning and residual glow... Thanks again for a very special day, and as Bogie and Bacall would say, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


David Miller Director of Princeton University’s Faith and Work Initiative



As I imagine you've already heard several dozen times, your presentation at the Greenwich Leadership Forum was courageous and impactful. With best wishes for your continued success particularly in sharing your story of transformation,




Thank you for your inspiring talk to the Greenwich Leadership Forum. What you said very much resonated with me regarding how my group is determined to transform failed corporate governance by motivating CEOs and boards to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Warm regards,




Thank you so very much. You were powerful, moving, impactful and direction changing in a lot of ways. My wife and several of my friends were in the audience at the Greenwich Leadership Forum, and we've been discussing you and your presentation ever since. I'm a fan.



What Did You Lose? Turak's repsonse to a follow up question from his GLF interview with David Miller


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