August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

The Road Less Traveled

Road_Less_Traveled_2Taking heat for taking the road less traveled is what makes the road less traveled the road less traveled. However, taking the heat is what makes taking the road less traveled worth taking in the first place.

We are hopelessly spoiled today. We want all the adventure, thrills and potential admiration that comes with taking the road less traveled without paying the price for the privilege.

At 20 I walked away from a bright future and every semblance of "normality" to take my own road less traveled. I was usually ignored, often pitied, sometimes ridiculed, and on more than a few occasions even threatened with violent attack. I mostly just felt lonely, alienated, and misunderstood, but it never occurred to me to find any of this "unfair" or "unjust" or to feel as if society or my fellow man "owed me something."

If a girl refused to go out with me because, as one said, "I'll wake up one morning and find a note pinned to my pillow 'Gone to Tibet!'" then that was just the price I had to pay for my fascination with Tibet. If there was a problem it was mine not hers.

In retrospect I now know that heartache, unfairness, misunderstanding, and even discrimination are not just inconveniences one encounters on the road less traveled: they are essential aspects of the road less traveled.

And it was through dealing with them while holding onto myself and my calling that I reaped the benefits. In retrospect I thank God that He made it so hard!

As a society we have lost our appreciation for true adventure. Like an amusement park ride we want all life's thrills with none of the risks.

And this means we want to have the emotional and spiritual satisfaction of taking the road less traveled while never leaving the safety and comfort of our politically correct limousine. We want to lead an abnormal life while insisting that no one treat us abnormally.