August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

A Secret to Success

Radar_O-Reilly_Col.-Potter-300x204Great people don't just do what is asked or expected: They ANTICIPATE by doing things WITHOUT BEING ASKED.

For example: If your boss EVER has to ask you for a status report on something you are working on you are FAILING. Yes, you are failing even if you are actually doing great work and are ahead of schedule.

Like Radar O'Reilly in the old TV series MASH, the secret to success is proactively getting out in front of things.

For example, if a man's wife has to ask/remind him about their anniversary he will end up buying twice the roses for barely half the credit!

If I have to ask you for the five bucks I lent you then even if you quickly produce the cash I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth. Were you hoping I'd forget?

Any time you are negatively surprised by the reactions of others you failed to "anticipate." It is an indication that you need to do more work on knowing yourself and others.

People are by far the most important things in your eco-system and being able to anticipate their reactions and thereby control their perceptions is critical to success.