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Service and Selflessness Spotlight: Images Everything

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The team was recently challenged with the task of obtaining twelve or more original, high resolution photos of the monks at Mepkin Abbey as well as the photographer’s permission to use those images for Turak's upcoming appearance on MSNBC's Your Business. This was a huge and seemingly impossible challenge because of the time frame – we needed to locate and contact the photographer very quickly. With no time to spare, we needed to get the photographer's permission and the original image files and submit them immediately!

With the help of the communication director at Mepkin Abbey, we tracked down the photographer and began negotiations for obtaining the needed photos. It is with heartfelt gratitude that we take this opportunity to thank William C. Carter III, MD for his act of service and selflessness. Dr. Carter was kind enough not only to agree to provide these images but also cleared his afternoon schedule and set about locating and sending the needed photographs. He insisted: “Given what you have said about Mr. Turak, your organization, and the relationship my wife and I have with Mepkin Abbey, I would like to provide the images to you at no cost.”

When the good doctor was asked to tell us more about himself, this is what he said:
There are a number of passions in my life and you needed the fourth. After my relationship with my Lord and Savior, my family is incredible, my urology practice is always challenging, and my photography continues to grow in commitment and joy.

I am in private practice in urology in a 12 physician group, Lowcountry Urology Clinics, in Charleston, SC.

My wife's name is Dorothy. We have two incredible daughters, both of whom are outstanding photographers, and both are environmentalists. One is teaching science after earning her masters in environmental studies and our youngest daughter is a PhD Candidate in Genetics at UGA. We are all major environmentalists.

Images,my photography business, focuses on nature and wildlife (primarily birds), landscape, abstracts, and wildflowers.

- William C. Carter III, MD

Thanks so much, Dr. Carter, for your willingness to help us without asking for anything in return. Your selfless actions and your gift to is most appreciated. We are so grateful we got the opportunity to work with such a true professional. You are a great example of service and selflessness at work!
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