August Turak

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The Teacher's Path with Pete Reilly

TeachersPathJoin Pete Reilly for an interview with August Turak as they discuss Turak's spiritual quest, how it led him to Mepkin Abbey, and eventually extraordinary business success. They discuss how selflessness and a total dedication to service can produce both a transformation fo being and success in the workplace. Reilly states that August's words are especially important for those who work in schools on behalf of children.

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You are also invited to check out Pete Reilly's book: A Path with Heart

apathwithheart_frontcover_med_hr-8"A Path with Heart" is an invitation to think about great teaching as a journey of personal and professional self-discovery. Master Teachers understand, and research confirms, that it’s not only what we “know” about our subject and pedagogy that determines our effectiveness; but also how well we know our students and ourselves.

It offers a new and dynamic approach to increasing student performance while decreasing stress and teacher burnout, it’s a practical guide for educators willing to walk a road ‘less travelled,’ a path of self reflection, self-awareness, and practice.

A Path with Heart provides concrete tools and practices to help:
  • Reconnect us to our purpose and passion
  • Relieve our stress and diminish overwhelm
  • Deepen our personal and professional self-awareness
  • Acknowledge and use our strengths and gifts
  • Build trusting relationships with our students and their parents
  • Stay centered and in the midst of fast moving classroom action
  • Become aware of historical tendencies and habits that are hindrances to our classroom effectiveness
  • Bring learning to life, inspiring, motivating, and supporting our students
  • and more…
Reilly exposes the myth that teaching with heart is “soft,” and grounds the book in research that confirms what many teachers know intuitively, ‘soft’ skills are really ‘essential skills.’ In fact, it's our hearts that hold the keys to unlocking our students' minds.

Like Parker Palmer's, "The Courage to Teach" Reilly broadens the conversation around great teaching to include knowledge of ‘self.’ It's an inspirational love letter to the teaching profession and to those caring individuals who have the courage to share themselves with their students, day in and day out.