August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

Tears and Cheers: A Touching Moment in an Unexpected Place

USS Blue Ridge returns to JapanI went to the hockey game last night. During a commercial break they featured a girl of about ten whose father is in the military in Afghanistan. Her Dad surprised her by appearing on the Jumbo-tron. He told her how much he loved her as her eyes welled up with tears. He promised to "be home soon."

Then suddenly her father appeared in uniform walking toward her! The crowd was just as surprised as the little girl and, as she rushed toward her Dad to be swept into his arms, the sold out audience stood and cheered....and cheered...and CHEERED.

The crowd cheered for so long that the game was delayed for a couple minutes as the players joined in by banging their sticks on the ice.

I admit I was very moved. I was moved for the little girl and her father. I was moved because I used to rush into my Dad's arms when he came through the door every night from work. And I was deeply moved because this world has people in it like those I saw last night cheering their lungs out for that beautiful little girl and her father.

But I was also moved by sadness. Sadness for myself because I will never have a moment like that with my own daughter, and sadness for all the little girls everywhere who don't have a father to love them.