August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

Triangle AMA Event

On January 20th August Turak presented "Cutting Through the Noise: Turning Products and Services into Iconic Brands" at the Triangle Marketing Association luncheon in Raleigh, NC. Following the event, president of the Triangle AMA, Shane Johnston said: "We definitely recommend Augie for another event, including our own!"

Comments from Attendees:

Excellent presentation. Great verbal & visual examples to get points across. Leigh McLeod, Bank of America

Much of this speaks to psychographics. The underlying emotions aspirations of the audience we seek to tap into as part of marketing. -Diane Staton

Loved the Mad Men Clip – it really taught a good lesson & provided a good example. -Emma Finch, University Conference Services

Great! I just wish we had more time. Maybe the AMA could host a 3 hour workshop on a Saturday? -Marissa Keller-Gusman,

Great Speaker! He is out there… but we need, as America, to think more like this or the world will pass us by. -Greg Plachta, Plachta Studios

Loved it – bringing spirituality into modern business! I totally agree – marketing is about understanding people and we understand others by understanding ourselves. Kathy Foresta

This is how we ‘all’ neet to think! Jeff Swisher, Swisher Sales

Loved the YouTube clips/stories! Amy Campbell, Syncfusion

To the length and pace… I found myself wanting more! -Kevin Staples, New York Life

Don’t believe what you think… there is no box! Evan Sanchez

Made me think…HOW… -The Marines tagline is “A Few Good Men” -Sentimental Bond – Tire Ad with the baby in the car seat – “Because a lot is riding on your tires.” I loved the marketing person’s perspective…” -Terri Reed

Thought provoking – a great kick off to the new year! Linda Bell, AICPA

Would love to hear from Turak again! Jamie Tharp, Bronto Software

Need more time (you probably hear that often). Slow the first video down, the points move to quickly. Audio was a challenge on the video presentations and A/V can drag down even the best presentation, WHICH THIS IS! Very useful and great information. Thank you, Augie! Christopher Diehl, Paragon International

Additional Correspondence from Attendees:


It was a pleasure meeting you today and hearing how you think.  I would love to connect in the next couple weeks to learn more about you, your company and maybe share a bit more about me and Swisher Sales.

I was enthused to hear you talk about the importance of asking “killer questions” and being curious.  If we can learn to ask better questions, personally and professionally, we’d all be in better shape.  I was also quite impressed and enjoyed seeing you paint the picture for all the AMA guests of how we all need to think day to day to help our clients improve their client’s experience.

Until then, Swish Jeff Swisher Swisher Sales, Inc.

I have to say, your talk today was AMAZING!! It was clear, to the point, you had amazing energy and great humor. The whole room was literally on the edge of their seats (as was I on the edge of my proverbial seat standing in the back of the room). If I was a lady I would have done gone and kissed you afterward.

Job well done Augie, job well done!

Chris Leithe Co-Founder & VP of Operations

Event Topic Review:

Leadership & Creativity - It is not what we think, but HOW we think...

We are all in sales & marketing - Personal Brands vs. Organizational Brands...

Service and Selflessness at Work:The Secret to Success...

"It is in your own self-interest to forget your self interest."