Turak on The Engaging Brand

Oct 27, 2013 by August Turak, in Audio
TheEngagingBrandOn October 27, 2013 Turak talks to Anna Farmery on The Engaging Brand Podcast about his latest book - Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. The Engaging Brand podcast covers social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips. In this podcast Anna and August talk about:
  • Why the Trappist Monks have a better business model than traditional businesses
  • The importance business mission and why consultants have rendered it useless.
  • Do businesses fail because they concentrate on the concrete products rather than abstract goal.
  • "How it's not what I did, it's what I didn't do".
  • The concept of personal transformation - it's in our own self interest to forget self interest. It is about selflessness.
  • The role of leadership and personal transformation.
  • How you have to care as a leader.
  • How leaders ask questions rather than provide answers....don't lecture, act.
  • To understand community, you need to live within communities.
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