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Service and Selflessness Spotlight: A Wise Community

The Spirit of Community

Sense_of_Pride Teamwork Kinship

Sense of Pride                    Teamwork                    Kinship

Worthwhile_Goals Leadership Shared_Sacrifice

Worthwhile Goals                    Leadership                    Shared Sacrifice

Purpose Self-Reliance Involvement

Sense of Purpose                    Self-Reliance                    Involvement

Community_Culture Resiliency Dedication

Community Culture                    Resiliency                    Dedication

Attitude Mission Resourcefulness

Can-Do Attitude                    Mission                    Resourcefulness

Dedication of New Building:

WBC Homecoming 2014

Dedication_Srvc                Worship_Srvc

Dedication Service                              Worship Service

Sanctuary Connecting_Bldgs New_Bldg

Sanctuary 1908-Present          Connection          New Education Building

Grounds_Dinner                Guest_Meal

Dinner on Grounds                     Meal in New Picnic Shelter

A Brief History Of Wise Baptist Church

The First 50 Years, 1858 – 1908

1858-1908Wise Baptist Church was founded in 1858 by Rev. Levi C. Perkinson under the name Sharon Baptist Church.  Sharon Church was a simple wooden building located near the center of the current Wise Cemetery.  Before Sharon was built, the people of Wise had to travel many miles to hear an occasional circuit rider preacher or go to other communities, such as Tanner’s Meeting House in Warren Plains, to worship and hear a sermon.  Rev. Perkinson, seeing the great need, donated a one-acre plot of land and did much of the work with his own hands to build the first building.

The Second 50 Years, 1908 – 1958

1908-1958After fifty years of use, the Sharon Church building showed noticeable deterioration and members saw a need to move the church closer to town.  In 1908, two brothers named J. R. and Lee Paschall led in the building of what has since become known as “the rock church.”  Mules and wagons were used to transport rock from the Wise Granite Quarry to the site.  Rev. Perkinson died the same year the rock building was built.  In 1925, the name of the church was changed from Sharon to Wise Baptist.  An education building was added in 1954 and stained glass windows installed as memorials in 1955.  The second fifty years ended in 1958 with completion of major renovation of the sanctuary.

The Third 50 Years, 1958 – 2008

1958-2008The third fifty years saw many acts of Christian love and service in Wise and surrounding communities.  Members practiced their faith through an education program, fellowship activities, missions, and music.  Wise Baptist benefited from the strong leadership of many good pastors.  During this time period, many of these pastors were seminary students.  The Wise Baptist Church family celebrated its 150th birthday in 2008 with Historical Milestones during worship services and a big homecoming celebration in October.  During the last part of this fifty-year period, a Building Steering Committee was already at work making plans to construct a new education building.

The Fourth 50 Years, 2008 – 2057

2008-2057The fourth fifty years began in 2008 and are still unfolding. The first few years of this time period became a time to focus on growing the people and building a new education building.  The dream of connecting the education facility to the rock sanctuary had been expressed by pastors and members for over fifty years.  There was also a great need for additional space for education, ministry, fellowship, and other basic church functions.  The Building Steering Committee named in 2005 continued to coordinate the survey, planning, and construction phases of this major undertaking.  Members of this committee were Butch Bolton, Bernard Harris, Danny Paynter, Lisa Paynter, Bruce Perkinson, Howart Stultz, and Dr. Janis Meek, Chair.  Pastor Kenny Davis helped in the initial planning and design of the building.  Interim Pastor Dr. Marion Lark played a vital support role during construction and transition.  Alternate facilities, creative planning, and adaptability were required so that the church was able to continue its regular activities and ministries as the new building was being built.  The completion of the new building in 2014 paved the way for Wise Baptists to continue to explore and share salvation in Jesus Christ through worship, work, and witness and to continue to minister in love for many years to come.

Our Mission at Wise Baptist Church

We are the Wise Baptist Church family of faith.

We emphasize the important role of each member in the total church family.  We are at our best when we are following the Lord’s will and working together toward common goals and purposes.

Our mission is to explore and share salvation in Jesus Christ . . .

Educational programs are provided for people at all stages of life.  These include, but are not limited to:
  • Sunday School each Sunday morning from 9:45-10:45.  Classes include:  Nursery, Children I (5-8), Children II (9-12), Youth and Young Adults, Adult Ladies, Adult Men, and Adult Fellowship.
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Youth participation in camp activities and mission projects
. . . through worship, work, and witness.

Worship:  Traditional worship services are held each Sunday morning at 11 o’clock in the rock sanctuary.  In addition, a variety of other types of worship experiences are held each year.  These include:
  • Observance of the Lord’s Supper once a quarter
  • Fifth Sunday Night Song Services
  • Homecoming the first Sunday in October
  • Community Thanksgiving service the last Sunday night before Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Cantata and Children’s Program
  • Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve services
  • Easter Sunrise Service at the Wise Baptist Cemetery
  • Spring Revival
  • Vacation Bible School Commencement Service
Work:  We are a working church.  We identify things that need to be done, then make a plan and begin to work.  We do fundraisers for our WBC Building Fund as well as for Relay for Life, missions, people with special needs, etc..  Some of the types of work we have done in recent years include:
  • Annual Harvest Day Festival the last Saturday in October
  • Annual July 4 Parade and Festival
  • BBQ cookouts and plate sales
  • Cleanup days for buildings and grounds
  • Landscaping and site work
  • Building a picnic shelter
  • Bake sales
  • Annual Harvest Day
  • Building wheelchair ramps, cutting wood
  • Making quilts, gathering and drying fruits, making apple jacks, etc.
  • Women’s Missionary Union
  • Brotherhood
  • GAs for girls ages 1 – 6
  • Choir practice each Wednesday
  • Wholesome recreation activities for children and youth
We are God’s people ministering in love.

We reach out and minister to members of our church family and to others in the community through our prayer ministry, meals for families in times of hardship and death, visitation, love offerings, card ministry, and music ministry.  Each year we do churchwide mission projects for prison inmates, needy children, nursing home patients, Baptist Children’s Homes, and other groups with special needs.