August Turak

Author Consultant Speaker

West Michigan Business Rap

After hearing Turak speak at the West Michigan AMA, Michael Ritsema, President of i3 Business Solutions, LLC was moved to not only blog about it on his company site. In his own words:
I find August Turak's message of selfless service by putting aside preconceived notions and questioning everything compelling. This notion of choosing to change not only one's personal or business condition but one's entire being reaches beyond business value to transformational spiritual implications.

The idea of improvement through focusing on serving others was a notion that I wanted my entire organization to hear. Then it occurred to me that this message was bigger than just my company. I wanted everyone to hear it. August's concepts and ideas are vital to the growth of our business in the 21st century. Thank you for a truly inspiring and powerful message.
Michael not only set up a free workshop for anyone in the West Michigan area, he also got Turak a radio interview alongside the Governor's husband:

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