August Turak

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YoPro Wealth: Austin Asks August About the Secrets to Business & Life (Part 1)

YoPro_WealthDo you want the secret to business and life? Well, this is the podcast is for you. And a free bonus for you: this secret also helps you get as much financial wealth as you could ever imagine. Austin Netzley interviews August Turak and asks about the secrets to business and life on his podcast, YoPro Wealth. Click here to listen.

The YoPro Wealth podcast  is hosted by Austin Netzley as he interviews successful Millionaires, Investors, Financial Planners, Authors & Entrepreneurs! discovered by Player FM and our community. [Read More]
I know that this interview will inspire you as much as it has inspired me. Our discussion went long since August has such a great amount of wisdom to share, so the interview is split up into the next two episodes. Listen closely and enjoy this great edition of the YoPro Wealth podcast!” – Austin Netzley
In This Podcast, You'll Learn:

How to get your idol as a mentor.

Why you need to be coachable.

Why it is about action and audacity.

How to get in touch with 'untouchable' people.

The most important thing you can do.

Why your career isn't the most important thing you can do.

The importance of having a big-picture view.

Where you get the real education in life.

The most important "skill".

The critical skill of being able to reinvent the business.

The importance of compelling communication.

The transformational journey that we're all searching for.

The secret to sales and business success.

And much, much more!