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YoPro Wealth: Wealth with a Capital "W" (Part 2)

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Some of the keys to true wealth have nothing to do with money directly. And this episode of YoPro Wealth, you will learn what we mean and how to achieve 'Wealth' with a capital "W". This is the 2nd half of Austin Netzley's discussion with August Turak, the New York Times bestselling author of Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. Click here to listen.

For anybody in business or looking to achieve more success in any area of your life, this podcast will inspire you immensely!
 I know that this interview will inspire you as much as it has inspired me."  – Austin Netzley
In This Podcast, You'll Learn: The quickest way to Wealth. Why people matter. What marketing and sales are really about. The most important question any business can ask. Leadership keys to success. Where the money comes into play. Excellence, and how to achieve it. How to get "happy accidents" to happen to you. The secret tosales and business success. And much, much more!

Other comments and messages from Austin Netzley's interview with August Turak in this two part podcast series:

“Austin G. Netzley delivers big time with this incredible interview with August Turak! Seriously, you should listen to it....really really good. That's all......Happy Saturday”

“Loved your interview on Austin Netzley's YoPro Wealth Podcast! Keep up the great work!"

"Enjoy all the wealth building lessons on your podcasts, and these two interviews with August Turak are just phenomenal!”

“Austin: I love this interview! one of the best I have heard. I love August Turak's focus on storytelling, it really is the key to it all. Tactics can be implemented by most, but storytelling is so uniquely personal and really the key to it all! Great job!”

“Great advice that will, if taken, direct you down the path to your own personal fulfillment! Love this episode with August Turak!”