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Turning Products and Services into Iconic Brands

by August Turak

Business Secrets of the Trappists

by August Turak
For more than 12 years I have been going to a Trappist monastery in Moncks Corner, SC, called Mepkin Abbey. As a monastic guest, I wear a habit and temporarily live the life of a Trappist monk. I go primarily for spiritual reasons, but as a businessman and entrepreneur I am fascinated by the worldly aspect of the monastic life.

The business secrets of the Trappists that August Turak learned through his relationship with the monks of Mepkin Abbey are at the heart of the ancient yet emergent business model he calls service and selflessness.

He outlines these monastic secrets and their application to your business in: A four part series:

Zentrepreneur – Full Video

by August Turak
Zentrepreneur: Making Meaning and Money [video width=510" height="382" src=""]

Business Secrets of the Trappists Lecture - Full Video

by August Turak
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Click above to watch the full video of August Turak's Business Secrets of the Trappists lecture at Duke University.

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An Acorn to An Oak in 10 Years

by August Turak
Behind the Scenes...

We recently captured some behind the scenes video of our very own August Turak giving a tour of his garden. In the middle of the garden tour, Turak began to rap about how important results are to business and personal transformation. Then Chris Leithe asked about the "old oak tree," and that led to this wonderfully humorous metaphor of our dedication toward continued growth. We liked it so much during filming that we wanted to share it. We call it: A Transformational Metaphor of Our Results Driven Dedication to Help People.

Greenwich Leadership Forum

by August Turak
The Greenwich Leadership Forum ("GLF") is an organization providing a forum for business executives to explore how faith and religious principles can play an important role in their decision-making, while building and leading successful and ethically sound organizations. Based on Christian principles and Biblical teachings, GLF is an organization that welcomes men and women from all faith traditions.

In this Greenwich Leadership Forum event with David Miller, Director of Princeton University’s Faith and Work Initiative, Turak credits the spiritual business model of service and selflessness that he learned while living with Trappist monks for his worldly success, and teaches us how to do the same. Eventually the interview turns personal as Turak relives his own Dark Night of the Soul...

Business Secrets of the Trappists Lecture at Duke University

by August Turak
Watch the full lecture.

The lecture was a huge success. Hundreds attended the Business Secrets of the Trappists lecture at Duke University, where August Turak explained his article by the same title. The standing room turnout was riveted by Turak’s call for personal and organizational transformation.

Zentrepreneur: Making Meaning and Money

by August Turak
[video width="510" height="384" src=""][/video]

View the trailer above, or watch the full video here.

"What we all want is purpose and meaning in our lives and what we all fear is that we will not find that purpose and meaning in our life's work."

The North Carolina State University Self Knowledge Symposium, College of Management, and University Entrepreneurship Network presented August Turak: Zentrepreneur, Making Meaning and Money.

In this lecture Turak will draws on his experience as the protégé of Lou Mobley, the man who founded the IBM Executive School, 14 years working alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey, and years studying under West Virginian Zen master, Richard Rose to describe just how personal transformation leads to success in business and life.

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